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Tax Filing

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Why Procrastinating on Your Business Taxes is a Bad Idea.


As a business owner, filing taxes is an essential part of running a successful business. It is important to file your business taxes in order to stay compliant with the law, to ensure that you are properly paying the right amount of taxes, and to maintain the accuracy of your financial records. By filing your business taxes, you can also take advantage of available deductions or credits, which can help to reduce your business tax burden.

Additionally, filing your business taxes in a timely manner can help to protect your business from potential penalties or fines from the government. Overall, filing your business taxes is an important part of running a successful business.

What are some of the rules for taxfiling in Florida for ccorp?

  1.  All C Corporations must file a Florida Corporate Income Tax Return (Form F-1120) annually with the Florida Department of Revenue (DOR).
  2. The filing deadline for C Corporations is the 15th March, following the close of the taxable year.
  3. All C Corporations must pay Florida Corporate Income Tax at a rate of 5.5% on net income allocated to Florida.
  4. For C Corporations with gross receipts in excess of $50 million, the minimum tax is $110,000 plus 1.5% of the excess over $50 million.
  5. C Corporations must make estimated payments on a quarterly basis if the tax liability is expected to be $500 or more.

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